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LP to Natural Conversion

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The area I live in now has natural gas available. I have a Furnace which is Armstrong Air that was originally natural then converted to LP, manifold pressures for LP and natural listed in manual. A water heater that is a Rheem LP model, the owners manual says you can't convert gas types. And a Lennox fireplace that has a conversion kit installed.

My question is this. There are 2 local contractors that have teamed up with the gas company to convert appliances. They are charging $130 per appliance. This seems pretty high to me. From what I've been told the burner orifices need to be changed and the manifold pressure needs to be adjusted down. I have access to a manometer and feel confident I could do the job with the right parts. However I have no idea what to get, where would I find the right size orifices? I could contact the manufacturers and get the parts from them however I'm not going to be able to do this with the water heater.

Now the other side of the thinking. Let me first say that as of January of this year I have switched trades and am now an electrical apprentice. The first thing that comes to mind is LIABILITY, this is huge in my trade and I would assume the same in HVAC. The water heater says it can NOT be converted this is obviously the MFG way of washing their hands of any liability. Now if I do this myself and say something does go wrong I would be liable? Perhaps I'm thinking too much but it is almost $400 that I really don't have right now.

I would like your professional opinion on this and what would you do if you were in my situation.


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Thanks for the responses.

Beenthere, could you elaborate on the analyzer? When I originally built the house in 2005 I had issues with the furnace getting hot enough. Finally the owner of the company (that is now out of business) came out with a manometer and said they installed the orifices but didn't raise the pressure for LP. His analyzer was the temp probe on his Fluke.:no: I'd like more details on this so I can make sure the contractor I choose will do the job right.

Also does the price sound fair?
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I would check with the manufacturers service department for the appliances. I bought a new range when we moved into this house in 06 and the service guy that switched the range to propane also did my dryer, and it was around $100 total. Too bad the water heater can't be switched.

The water heater can be switched. They just don't make a "conversion kit" for it.

Does anybody else have any other ideas on this? The time is coming where I need to decide what to do.
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