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Lower costs, Higher Profits but lower compensation?

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Something has been bugging me in which I would like to share.

I currently have 3 offices in KY,TN, and KS. We also work in Colorado.
I offered other contractors myself, my 35 laborers, tools and salespersons to come and work for him as they were looking for roofers. My price was pretty reasonable all I was called is an F*ing prick middle man blah blah.

So anyways this is in Wyoming where insurance is paying an amount that honestly is crazy high but he still wants to pay $40 sq remind you that I wasnt just going to roof, I basically just run his business like i do mine.
Ok so how many of you on here pay $40 a square? Next is how many of you pay your roofers $40/sq and get paid $350-400 a sq. for the job?

My thing is these contractors are by no means paying right. When working with ice code, 30 yr shingles only codes, etc like in the mountains or even in hurricane zones where they pay the $250 base plus must have metal rakes, ice/water 30#, etc where a sq. on a 4/12 pitch with valley is paying $350 bottom ......would you still only pay your workers $40/sq. thats kind of greedy.

For them to call me a middle man...hmm well lets see since he was looking for roofers then that makes him a middle man between the actual roofing laborers and the homeowner right?

I have a lot of work right now but just kind of wanted to add another 25 men to the colorado area, with all my tools, licenses, also selling I would say that is very well worth $70/sq and the contractor does nothing except tell me the job and he has no worries. At $380/sq wow thats crazy greedy and yes I do know the prices of materials, btw they are higher in ky and tn right now for anything.
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Lol I knew that was going to happen, I was getting confused myself. Very sorry.

Plain and simple, contractors in areas are making way more then some of us but at same time I have seen the same one complaining on roof installers cost per square. I am a company owner just looking at the installers side of view since I just turned down handling all of the installations for another contractor.

He is making almost double what contractors make in non-mountain zones, hurricane zones, etc but still paying installers the same as all of us? Thats just absurd to me
Coming to the point of the economic times. I just am saying $40 is pathetic IMO, Im not jealous at all but these guys are all over the place and quality I know goes with that. I have talked to 30 contractors!, none of them are paying more than $50/sq. I just think its crazy and wanted to see other opinions. As I said before I have my own guys, I pay them right but this is something that affects us and helping my guys out is something I always do.

PS I noticed the price per sq. is dramatically different in TN, KY than the rest of the states going by Xactimate and by conversations with you all and others. Believe me I know the prices too, its not because products are cheaper here
Well I have began to, actually these aren't really GC's they are just roofing biz owners looking for roofers. I was just astounded at all the roofing companies wanting roofers but dont pay worth a damn. I mean my guys make more here in KY, TN, and KS through me than the ones do in CO or OK, and some KS where insurance is paying way more for the jobs. I mean seriously do you all just run a slave drive in these other states/cities where u are payed on average $350 a square? Im here to say if you are only paying $40-60 sq, then you are and guarantee your quality would go up if you paid right. As said before with the economy mr. low bid is still making plenty but paying nothing, these are the things I am facing now.
You could call me a storm chaser but I am one that if I go to a storm I set up there for life or until I retire. Thats how I went to KS, went for a storm opened up office but now its just a year round deal. Besides I will gladly be a storm chaser and labeled that seeing as I pay my guys more and give them a career, looks like the local GC's in these areas just are mad at storm chasers cuz of jealousy, loss of business, can't pay more than storm chasers and can't compete.

Just really odd in my view
Of course I am licensed! LOL I agree with that totally, I have all certification including HAAG, insured/bonded for performance and pay. No you are wrong there, I am in the insurance business I don't set the price, insurance company set the prices and we have to come to an agreement or I just don't get the work. No one here really understands I guess, I run a NATIONAL business not just one or two states or 3 or 4 cities, get out and look around then you will have a grasp of what I mean. Of course I am making money but at same time I have the best guys IMO and wish I could get them more work with other contractors that pay respectfully, it just doesn't happen. Anyways sorry for ranting on. Love the site and all of the talks!
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