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Lower costs, Higher Profits but lower compensation?

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Something has been bugging me in which I would like to share.

I currently have 3 offices in KY,TN, and KS. We also work in Colorado.
I offered other contractors myself, my 35 laborers, tools and salespersons to come and work for him as they were looking for roofers. My price was pretty reasonable all I was called is an F*ing prick middle man blah blah.

So anyways this is in Wyoming where insurance is paying an amount that honestly is crazy high but he still wants to pay $40 sq remind you that I wasnt just going to roof, I basically just run his business like i do mine.
Ok so how many of you on here pay $40 a square? Next is how many of you pay your roofers $40/sq and get paid $350-400 a sq. for the job?

My thing is these contractors are by no means paying right. When working with ice code, 30 yr shingles only codes, etc like in the mountains or even in hurricane zones where they pay the $250 base plus must have metal rakes, ice/water 30#, etc where a sq. on a 4/12 pitch with valley is paying $350 bottom ......would you still only pay your workers $40/sq. thats kind of greedy.

For them to call me a middle man...hmm well lets see since he was looking for roofers then that makes him a middle man between the actual roofing laborers and the homeowner right?

I have a lot of work right now but just kind of wanted to add another 25 men to the colorado area, with all my tools, licenses, also selling I would say that is very well worth $70/sq and the contractor does nothing except tell me the job and he has no worries. At $380/sq wow thats crazy greedy and yes I do know the prices of materials, btw they are higher in ky and tn right now for anything.
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Are you a licensed roofing contractor or not?

If you are than you set the price, if you sub from roofing contractors than you are an employee...

I get the question down here all the time that a guy has crews and is looking to do some houses, is comp exempt, has his own truck and tools.... the bottom line is that is illegal, at least in FL, and should be everywhere as far as I am concerned.

I know of a local Co. that uses subs., not paying taxes or WC on them and then lowballs cause it's the only way he can sell a job, them complains about not making any money....
I get where your coming from now. I took what I read wrong, my apologies.

I can tell you for certain that those rates are much better there than what is being paid here...

I don't pay by the square at this point but can tell you that if I did it would not be much more than $50 per square, I wish there was more left over to pay more but the competition around here along with all the guys that did mostly new construction has the pricing beat down pretty low... I see roofs going for under 2 bills a square... 'course those are the ones not paying there dues.

Wish I could help!!!!
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