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low slope framing

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hi guys, new here. like what i see so far. i have a cape cod w/ a gable roof now. i want to add approx. 8 ft to the back exterior wall and raise the roof to almost a flat pitch. its 9'-6" to top of ridge. 24' run front to back. or 12' from ridge to exterior wall. here in prairie village, kansas they use 2000 IBC and IRC. any pointers on what i need for a rafter to cary load. do i need rafter legs? as for the ridge i would like to span as far as is reasonable. how far will a LVL span between ridge legs.?
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ANYONE, ANYONE ?? im looking for the code requirements on a near flat pitch roof (1/12 or 2/12) can i span from ridge to wall with 2 x 8 or 2 x 10 with no rafter leg ? what should i consider when going from gable to flat. currently the gable is framed with 2x4 rafters on 2' centers. do i need to match this layout on the opposite side? i would prefer 16" on center.
Try having a chat with your local building inspector
theparrot is short but correct. Codes vary widely, you need to find out what yours are.
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