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Lost a sale today!

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Well, I don't know if I lost, maybe it just worked out in my favor.

Ya see it is my Dad's girlfriend. She has hired me for every little honey do thing since my Father knows enough to just stay away from such things. Biggest job was a deck this year.

So, she has a leak somewhere and it's coming into the basement through the wall and soaking the carpet. Over a year I have been talking to her about this because the leak comes and goes, not very big. Anyway, as I told her from the beginning we need to open the wall and or ceiling and see what's going on. Finally she calls and give the go ahead and I spend 2 hours digging and find the problem. Slit in drain pipe, in wall behind dishwasher which follows pipe all the way to the basement.

She says well this is an insurance issue I'm gonna call my agent. OK. Let me know... Can ya get it done befor Thanksgiving? Yup...

Now the insurance adjuster is over there and can't find the leak and wants me to tell him where it is. In hind sight I'm glad I didn't get the call, went to voice mail. She calls up later hemming and hawing about this and that. So, I know where this is going. "what's going on"? "Well, he says he can do it all in house, they'll even replace the carpet all the way to the stairs and they give a 5 year warrenty." Woopty ding dong! Who cares! So, I tell her "you need to do what you feel comfortable with" and left it at that. I'm not going to hard sell someone in the family. I'm already breaking that rule by doing work in the first place. Loosing it doesn't bother me.

But, I can't believe I got beat by the eefing insurance company! How does this work? Because I believe that most people probably don't understand that they can use someone else. How can an Insurance company sell themselves, to do the work? Isn't there some ethics involved here? What ever happened to customer getting 3 estimates?
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