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Los Angeles dumping question

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I have used companies to deliver roll-away dumpsters when doing work that required large amounts of debris to be hauled away, but I am getting ready to start a smaller project that will require a small section of wood fence to be removed. Is there anywhere within the city or county that allow dumping of such things? Or should I just call the old 311 city number and tell them there's a pile of old rotted fence material sitting on the curb and to come get it?:thumbup:
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Find out the address of the nearest dump and call them. chances are you can take a truck load and dump it for a fee.
Call Junk-Junk or a similar service and you don't have to do any loading, transporting, or dumping.
Do it Detroit style, remove any identification from you truck, find an alley, dont look back
I dump at construction circle in Irvine, around $40 a truck load, depends on what part of L.A. you are at.
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