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Hi Forum,

My business partner and I jumped right in to starting a renovation business. My partner has over 30 years of construction/renovation/repair experience and my background is in project management/sales/client relations. Our vision is to carefully grow a small business model into a resource for homeowners looking for home renovations and repairs.

The problem is navigating this extremely unhelpful licensing process considering each of our deficiencies. My business partner is a jedi with regard to the actual work and is loved by all he has ever worked for. A couple years back, he was up in Northern New York and the economy was horrible effecting his ability to get work and pay his creditors. He had an enormous child support bill, one he paid off early, but at the expense of some creditors and now credit is shot. This will greatly impact his ability to get licensed here in Florida as an RC.

My deficiency is I do not have nearly (none if you take away homeowner experience) the amount of knowledge he does related to becoming an RC. I have the credit score, I can study and pass the test (I am a licensed property and casualty and life insurance agent), I can likely get a year verified experience having worked with a roofer and GC for at least a documented year and have 3 years of college, but there is no way I can confidently go before a board to get approved.

Having said all that, I am looking for a respectable GC/RC in the Tampa Bay area that we could form a relationship with to where one can see firsthand the talent level and integrity in which we operate.

In the meantime, we will be working for friends and attempt to clean up my partners credit so we dont embark on a three thousand dollar process and end up with nothing.

If there are any GCs/RCs in the Tampa Bay area that would like to meet us and see what kind of opportunities exist please call me. We are very responsible and take our jobs and responsibilities seriously. We would never put you in a bad position as a result of our work or professionalism. I am looking forward to meeting anyone interested in having a discussion.

Ben Navarre
Renovation Solutions
[email protected]
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