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· M. D. Vaden of Oregon
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Almost tempting, but I've traded my limit this year.

Traded a couple of days landscape work for a used 17' travel trailer / Komfort 1985.

Hey you folks, if my album link shows below when I post, go to the tree care album and see what you think of my video experiment.

It's in TREE CARE album / position #2

That's a prototype from last night which I fine tuned today and added 6 more minutes of Oregon photos too. The fonts are bolder in what I have on disc here and some transitions were improved.

Anyway, hope your computer buffers and streams like they should, because it's a big file if it won't stream play. I have DSL and windows media player starts the video 15 seconds after clicking for me.


Best to you on you trade quest.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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