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Looking to sell siding material on my website

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I am siding installation contractor and live in NJ. There are some NJ home owners and contractors who call my website and think I am a siding material supply house and want to buy the material.

My website isn't even optimized to sell material but they call, so, I am going to optimize it for siding related materials would like to know if there is a company or program where i could put their siding material for sale on my site.

Or, an outside sales rep

Or, open an account and get commission on individuals who buy from it

I would appreciate the info. thanks
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You need an affiliate banner ad, people who want siding can click it and go somewhere and order siding and you get a commission.

but then you have people leaving your site.
Do you know a siding or building material affiliate program

Yes, this is one option and I could put it but I don't know a siding material affiliate site.

Also, I believe it would be good to open an account and work out some commission deal
I get them all the time to.

I forward them to my main supplier without commission. My supplier forwards me leads all the time to so it's a wash.

In general margins are much lower on material as there is not near the liability. Hard to make the two jive. I'm not an expert though.

I looked into becoming a distributor at one time. It's a lot of work and little profit until you get a good amount of volume coming in.
NJ Vinyl Siding Material Prices in Bergen County

Thanks Siding Pro, it sounds good what you say and I will take it into consideration, if distributor hits me off with the leads.
I also get people asking if I sell firebrick for some reason. I just delete the message.
I just spoke to an inside sales rep. Our arrangement is I will refer people to him from my site and I will get a cut. He made it a little complicated first, but for now, I will get a little something.

Something is better than nothing and if this gets good, I will expand and start looking for better deals.

It doesn't really cost much effort. However, now I will put 5 to 10 more pages of siding material postings on my site, it should bring more calls.
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