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I am looking for work in FL (preferably). I prefer an Assistant Superintendant position(will use Hands on as needed). I am WELL versed in home rehabs and have a SOLID background in New condo construction also. Hurricane/disaster work is also a possibility! Travel with the right pay and allowances is more than appealing(my last long out of town gig was 2 1/2 years in the Miami area with home travel arrangements periodically)

Form management to cabinet installation I AM YOUR MAN!

I have 10 plus years in C-O-N-S-T-R-U-C-T-I-O-N! DO NOT reply to the following e-mail if you want me to sell F:censored:KING insurance or start a F:censored:KING MLM venture! :eek: (or if you're the disposed king of Nigeria needing help to transfer your inheritance out of the country :rolleyes:)
all others:

Thank you for your consideration,

I will GLADLY forward you my Resume


[email protected]
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Florida is getting bad im in Fort Myers GC and Roofing Contractors are dropping like flies. What we need is a big old fashion Hurricane:whistling
Im in the middle of taking my All Lines Adjuster License have 2 more test to go out of 50. Florida gets you coming and going for sure if you want to take a pee in the woods they prob have a license for that :no:
lol Crock nice picture ( Crack Heads Gone Wild )
This is where I am from [ am in Labelle, just outside Fort Myers but lived in Fort Myers for years] no work here at all. Am heading out today to New Orleans, Gulfport, and Beaumont to check out the work there from the hurricanes, if there is any work there to be found, Still will beat being here with nothing.

Would just like to say save your money Mississippi wasnt good a year after the storm we went. There still rebuilding in N.O. but not sure how much work is there or how much money they have. I went right after Katrina with guns and it was about as unsafe as Iraq A few Gc's I know left N.O. with over 100k still on the table that the could not collect on.

Still early in the season we still may get a storm also there still is alot of work in Houston from Ike but TX sucks to make money everyone doing it for nothing. Just got back in June was getting beat in pricing bad 30 yr shingles people was selling for 145 a square.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts