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I am looking for work in FL (preferably). I prefer an Assistant Superintendant position(will use Hands on as needed). I am WELL versed in home rehabs and have a SOLID background in New condo construction also. Hurricane/disaster work is also a possibility! Travel with the right pay and allowances is more than appealing(my last long out of town gig was 2 1/2 years in the Miami area with home travel arrangements periodically)

Form management to cabinet installation I AM YOUR MAN!

I have 10 plus years in C-O-N-S-T-R-U-C-T-I-O-N! DO NOT reply to the following e-mail if you want me to sell F:censored:KING insurance or start a F:censored:KING MLM venture! :eek: (or if you're the disposed king of Nigeria needing help to transfer your inheritance out of the country :rolleyes:)
all others:

Thank you for your consideration,

I will GLADLY forward you my Resume


[email protected]
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Well ScaryLari, UNFORTUNATELY I have said the same. As the saying goes"I don't want you to lose your house but if you do I want to be the one to rebuild it."

I was working in the Miami area directly for the developer of a big condo project they were in negotiations with the Lehman Brothers (YES "THOSE" Lehman brothers!) to start taking over distressed properties to finish to completion when THE BOTTOM FELL OUT! I got laid off from the project , moved back to Jacksonville(I had been visiting my house and family off and on over the last 2 1/2 years) since I had been gone so long I had NO contacts.

Here since they can pick and choose you can't get a $10 an hour maintenance job without being HVAC certified!
I see you live in Jacksonville, so do I. Have you contacted Auld & White? I know recently they were looking for an assistant project manager. Good Luck.
No but thanks.

I went to a job fair and sent out like 50 some resumes including jobs below fair value just to keep in the mix. Few if any responses. Even responding to maintenance jobs with promised "side work" upgrades. Knowing how much extra that translates to I responded to several listings. Nada.

Most companies are closing down or moving on/out and have no room.

I even stress traveling as an option but people just have too many choices.

They can get a $100,000 plus a year guy for what I'm willing to work for .

Can't blame them for that but they can blame themselves when this get's reversed and $60,000 a year guys can hold out for $100k or better.;)
1 - 3 of 13 Posts