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Looking for work in central IA - welding, fab, mechanical, sandblasting

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My name is Kris and I'm looking to pickup some extra work in the central Iowa area - I live in Ogden so I'm only about a half hours drive away from Ames or Des Moines. I do work a day job as a maintenance technician at Seven Oaks ski area, in addition to automotive, heavy duty and industrial mechanical repair and maintenance I am also a skilled welder (Been burning rod since I was 7 - Experience Smaw, mig, O/A, soldering and plasma), do some basic metal fab and sandblasting as well. I have all my own tools and am mobile as necessary for the jobs that can't move on their own. Reasonable rates & quality repairs.

I have a flickr page where you can see some of my work

You can reach me at 515-298-0766 thanks Kris
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Changed my phone number. Anybody?
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