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Looking for web reference on residential building codes by state/county/etc

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Hello all,
Is there a website in existence which aggregates any basic building codes set at the state or county level for secondary structures in residential areas? I.e. utility/tool sheds, separate carports, etc. I'm aware that the explicit restrictions for such buildings are usually in covenants/restrictions for a lot's deed, but wonder if general "best practices" are set forth by a larger authority in each area.
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:rolleyes: should be able to find the info regarding secondary structures (ie: min/max size, height, etc...) at your local planning and development office. Your municipality may even have these published on their website if they have one.
As far as minimum standards and practices go; you should be able to adhere to the current copy of the IRC.
Go out and get a copy, or just go to the local development office and request info there.
How you can design buildings without a code book? I
Some local codes are listed on
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