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Hi all. I am a mechanical insulator. I insulate pipe, tanks, vessels, pumps etc, then I cover them with a thin protective jacketing. About a year back a coworker, (now an ex-coworker) showed me a stack of papers that had been photocopied out of another book. These papers showed templates and diagrams for how to make different shapes out of metal or plastic jacketing in order to cover the pipe's insulation uniformly. They had diagrams of how to make T's, cones, elongated cones, 90's made out of "gores" etc. Does anybody know where I can find this book? The ex-coworker and I did not stay in touch, and for all I know he's in another country, he was a nomad of sorts. Otherwise I would just ask him. If somebody has a copy could you tell me the ISBN? I've been looking for a while with no luck, hopefully this forum can help.

Thanks in advance,
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