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Looking for PM software for small building firm

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Hey all.
New here and looking for a project management software for a small building company. Have one employee and myself, focusing on custom single famly homes. Looking for something that will track scheduling, budget, customer communication, etc.
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BuilderTrend, BuildXact, BuildBook, JobTread, and CoConstruct are the ones that come to mind, and I know I missed at least one major/notable package.

Searching here for the ones I listed should also turn up a couple or more threads to give you some ideas of what is liked and disliked about them.
We use JobTread after trying the others.
If you need a custom CRM or mobile app you can contact us the our web development website .
@BLangley @Jaws @Everend
Can you guys share what you based your decisions on? what's the thing you think makes one better than an another?
BuilderTrend is awesome. Selections, budget, daily logs, critical path scheduling. Can give access to clients and subs for all or part of what you're using it for
I've found that all the platforms sound wonderful but once I started using them, lots of little annoyances of things not working the way I thought it should. BuilderTrend was just too much for me when I tried it. At the time I was the only person and used subs for most of the work. It's designed for larger organizations so when I was trying to use it by myself, it was just too cumbersome to be helpful. It's hard to be as efficient documenting things in a software as it is to just keep everything in my head.
I signed up for JobTread after they had a booth at a local tradeshow. It turned out to be their first month signing up customers. The first year I didn't use the software very much because it was still missing some key functions. I eventually started using it for developing the budget and turning this into proposals (bids). They have come a long way in the last three years and w/ an employee now the tool has been quite helpful for keeping schedule, central communication, daily logs, time tracking, etc. They've released more 'selections' features about a month ago but I haven't tried using them yet.
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I use SpamCo software.
I use SpamCo software.
I tried that one but I didn't like how they forced me to write everything out on paper first and the spell check didn't work at all.
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We use BuilderTrend and like it, obviously has some little annoyances but still good. Also could get Co-Construct or ProCore. QuickBooks online or Sage Contractor as well. If you need a payroll system go with Gusto.
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