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looking for a new Rasp/surform to buy

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Hi please forgive me for my poor english ,i´m from Sweden

I got a Stanley surform rasp but think it´s to boring , i want something that are as good or better and here in Sweden we only got Surfom (and copyes)

I been looking at these ones and was wondereing if any of you use them and if they are any good

Marshalltown Drywall Rasp

Marshalltown DuraSoft® Drywall Rasp without Rails

Wal-Board Drywall Rasp

any advice??

tried to link but i cant before i posted 15 post

they are located att
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Fred, welcome to CT, complete your profile, then go to the intro page and tell us a little about yourself and your proffessional experiance. As far as your question, i think rasps are boring in general, its ther nature. I do own some Marshaltown tools, trowels etc... and they are quality, HEJ DA, I lived in Sweden for awhile, GMOD
Hey Fredrik. I have tried the MT Durasoft which was good, but it went blunt quite quickly and you cant change the blade like you can with a Stanley Surform.
can't really give ya a good comparrison, i've been using the sureform for better than 25 years,,, never had a reason to try another
When I was a kid my dad had a surform, even at the age of 6 I realized it was worthless for wood. Never could imagine a use for a surform, till I had the pleasure of working with drywall.

Boring? Yeah, but I don't know of anything that works better. If you want exciting, grab the finish guys block plane and use it. Bet things will get interesting in a hurry.
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On a serious note,, after 30 + years in drywall, i don't know ANYONE that hangs rock that doesn't use a STANLEY sureform rasp

And before ya give me grief about the year diff here, in the previous post,,, like you, it took me a bit to realize what the guys that know what their doing, were using, okay???
the surform is good but when you are a tool nuts idiot like me you always looking for new tools to buy .. got a systainer full with drywall tools and 24 more systainers with diffrent tools .
I usually use my hammer :shutup:. Being a remodeler I have enough tools in my bags already, I usually don't like to carry those. I do have a couple of them though that I'll use occasionally. Except I don't know what kinds they are, I call it a cheese grader because that's what they look like.

I used this I got at Home Depot on one job, it worked pretty good

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