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Looking for a fireplace insert.

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Anyone have one they have pulled or otherwise? I would like a Heatilator style with air circulation...and yes, I will pay the freight. :thumbsup:

Barring someone having a unit they wish to sell, anyone have a great source for one, like a buddy in the business? :thumbup:
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I have two coming out next month

The freight from Vancouver would be a lot.

Both units are about 7 years old.
As long as it is a great unit and fits the bill, freight would not be a deal killer.

Why are they taking them out?

BTW, I don't know why we have come to use insert as a universal builders we all know what the zero clearance units we install are, and they use a 6 or 8 inch vent. I am not looking for a real insert, like the ones built for installing in a masonry fireplace, but a unit that has a flue.
I have one that has never been installed if you are still interested. I'm in Shreveport, LA.
I ordered a new Heatilator yesterday, but...I could do 2. What and how much?
I have one, just pulled it out, great condition, fan. etc..still have the install manual, G
it's a 36" unit model number NA36. Make me an offer for it. Not sure what they are running for these days.
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