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Looked at a BIG one today

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I went on a pre bid walk thru this morning. 79000 sq ft of retail, office and residential. Early plans are just about 85 doors,some baseboard and about 12 windows to trim.
The building is about 100 yrs old,with great looking heavy timber framing. The only drawbacks will be parking in downtown Denver and humping all the tools and material up 6 flights of stairs.
I'll be going cross eyed over the prints for the next few days getting the bid ready.
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I hope you get it.

Consider the mini-scaffold based cart or other work carts for tooling around on a commercial job like that.

I just got a call yesterday to do handrails on 8 stories of commercial stair cases. Just oak rail on brackets, no balusters.

All the best,


We just finished 200' of rail in a corrugated plant. Like 3/4 of the brackets were into 100 year old brick. Between that, walking to my truck what felt like a mile anytime i needed something and all the damn ppl that just have to use the set of stairs i was on i'm really glad the week ends tomorrow. A landing and a set of stairs to a second floor office tomorrow and im outta there til some office work this winter. If i had to work in a factory i think id go insane from the constant noise and being confined, it feels like prison.
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