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Need a little advise on a log home I am considering as I have zero experience with these. I have opportunity to purchase an unfinished log home in foreclosure. It is framed, roof truss, and sheathed. Rough elec and rough plumbing are in. No windows. The logs are 8", flat on top and bottom, with tounge on one side and groove on the other.

This home has been sitting in this incomplete state for the last two years, and I believe the logs came from a previous build (speculation on my part). Anyway, the logs are in awful shape, with deep gouges, and a lot of splitting, and just poor quality craftsmanship. The logs go from floor to top plate with concrete raised foundation, then 12/12 pitch roof trusses. Standard stick framed interior walls.

My question, can I use 2x4 furring strips up the logs and install T-111, or Hardi Plank on the exterior, and then do the same on the interior for drywall.

My number two reason is,this home is the bastatrd of the neighborhood, it is set in amongst more traditional home with either T-111 or horizontal siding. It just does not fit in.

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