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Starting a water heater replacement on Mon, this one is kinda of small for us as its only 350 gallons and of course we cannot leave the nusing home without hot water for any length of time.

We already have a system of a 125 gallon tank being feed by (2) 350,000 btu gas boilers, this we will use a temp hot water heater for the building.

Today we have loaded up our trucks with everything for the removal of the old tank, this includes 500 amp Lincoln welder, Hyper therm plasma cutter, ox acc cutting torch, ox lance, floor crane, power winch, K-12 saw, 150 feet of welding cable, 200 feet 220 power cord, 200 feet of twin hose, (3) harris cutting torches, Everon Porta Power, (2) Palate jacks, ect ect.

When complete we will install 3 new 120 gallon storage tanks, that are being feed by the (2) 350,000 btu Jarco gas fired hot water makers.

Next month we have a 1200 gallon replacement, that one is a lot less complex than this replacement as the tank is in a boiler room that has a garage door to it.

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