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Load Transfer from Porch Columns

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One of my long time clients asked me to come take a look at a porch they want installed. They had a set of plans drawn question is where is the load going from the columns? They appear to just be sitting on the deck surface? Doesn't this present a problem? I also noticed no uplift protection speced out.

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That douche can drink the piss :thumbup:
Yup. Email is great for guys like him. Face to face would turn out much differently. :whistling
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His drawings suck and I don't like the details.

How well do you know the ho? How do they know this db?
Yeah, his cross section suggests a round column with a cap that overhangs the beam. The elevations show nothing of the sort.

If the posts are supposed to land on the beam, they sure don't look like it on the cross section. The rim is in the way.

Decking goes on last? Ask this clown how many he has built. We generally use temp supports, block between beam and bottom of decking, install decking and set posts on top.

For the majority of small residential projects, architects are a waste of the customers money. This porch could have been designed on a napkin on lunch break by any competent contractor.
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The OP is a FAR better business man than me. It would take a week of editing to get my email response down from starting with "phuck you very much, pvssy. Take that toilet paper you call plans and shove it up your azz" :thumbup::laughing:
If I were going to build on the deck I would add the blocking like you did or he did but I don't like it. I look to get my posts on the piers so I don't have an inch of settling after shrinkage.
Another reason I like techno posts. They have a few inches of adjustment in them.
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I hear they are available in New Jersey too...

Just switch to all metal. We are framing our next two decks with metal and posts.
Thinking about it. Waiting to try it out on my own place first.
Except I'm not getting a permit with those plans, and I doubt the op is either.

Minimal with code minimums is fine. But those plans will not pass plan review.
I've received permits for much more complex projects with much less detailed plans. I guess it all depends on locale.
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I'm not as worried about the columns on the sides sitting on their own piers. I'd probably just triple the rim on the porch where they are sitting and use microlams up top to bring more weight to the corners. Then again, if it's no big deal to add the extra piers, then, sure, why not?
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