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Load Transfer from Porch Columns

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One of my long time clients asked me to come take a look at a porch they want installed. They had a set of plans drawn question is where is the load going from the columns? They appear to just be sitting on the deck surface? Doesn't this present a problem? I also noticed no uplift protection speced out.

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You also appear to be missing a footing detail.

As well as any hardware spec'd out connecting the columns to the blocking, as Andy mentioned, or a direct tie to the 2x10 built up.
Talking with the architect now....not a friendly dude at all.

Few questions after looking at your plans.

1) I would like to use Simpson ABA66 Post base in place of CB66.
Any Base plate will work
2) Column to Deck Detail
Where is the load of each column being distributed to? How are these posts being attached to the structure of the deck? How are they being attached to the porch roof (uplift protection)? They aren't just being placed on top of the decking are they? Further, are the columns you show something inline with a Permacast column or are they ment to be a 4x4 wrapped in 1x trim?

Decking is usually installed after the structure has been erected, therefore the columns are set on the specified 3 X 10 girder and the Double Joists at each end of the Porch. So, the decking must be cut around the columns.
The Columns can be any structural entity the owner agrees with...4X4. .6X6. Wrapped or prefinished column.
Uplift is not a concern because the entire structure weighs enough to keep it down without any hold down hardware. We live in an area of wind shear (side winds)..Not uplift as per Tornadoes.( it is being attached to the house structure)

Architects*design the structural members and what the structure should look like.
Architects do not provide the means and methods of how to build the structure.
That is the job of the Builder.
I am sick and tired of hearing this line of BS from archy's and engineers. It's a fvcking structural detail HOW DO YOU WANT IT BUILT???????

Arrogant pricks who can't pour piss out of a boot with the directions printed on the heel....:thumbup::laughing:
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I want to call him out on being lazy because I have worked with wonderful architects before who called out every detail and were a joy to work with and question....but I don't want to start a fight at midnight over e-mail LOL.

Honestly though, maybe I am spoiled? Am I missing something here?
No, I do not believe you are missing a dam thing.
You are dealing with an arrogant/incompetent archy.

Write an RFI asking how to tie the column to the girder and to provide a footing detail....

He's getting paid. make him earn his money...:thumbsup:
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Archy's and Engineers take a required two semesters in how to double talk and tell everyone we are not wrong....:whistling:laughing:
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I hear they are available in New Jersey too...

Just switch to all metal. We are framing our next two decks with metal and posts.
...or those spiral post things . if you know anybody that does them...
Good luck, stay busy
Hey Dan, maybe you should name your company ....:whistling

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I hope not. My client is not someone you want mad at you....this architect is on a slippery slope.
Give him a nudge....:whistling:laughing:
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