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Load Transfer from Porch Columns

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One of my long time clients asked me to come take a look at a porch they want installed. They had a set of plans drawn question is where is the load going from the columns? They appear to just be sitting on the deck surface? Doesn't this present a problem? I also noticed no uplift protection speced out.

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Ouch. I disagree with the whole uplift, roof weighs enough scam....

And I would add H1Z's or H2.5A's, and a post to beam cap no matter what.

So it can be a 4x4 or a 6x6, its up to the HO?....So the HO performs the structural analysis, the architect (kinda) designs what the structure should look like, and you have to make it right.

I just went through this on the commercial building we are converting. I ended up recommending most of the design, hardware and construction methods and the architect build the HO for all of it. I ended up adding some more because I felt like he was very blase about the whole thing.
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Your edit just made it so much worse. That kisses me off. That whole architects can have it torn down one makes my blood boil.

Your a better man than me for being so calm with him.
Good luck tearing it down when I'm done with it :laughing:

My gf just asked why I'm being so mean all of a sudden haha. This thread will give one of the old guys a heart attack.
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Another reason I like techno posts. They have a few inches of adjustment in them.
I hear they are available in New Jersey too...

Just switch to all metal. We are framing our next two decks with metal and posts.
Hey Dan, maybe you should name your company ....:whistling

I bet people would understand better. No one knows what helical posts are ain south jersey.
I don't know why you are getting so bent out of shape about the drawings. You are just using up your energy. I take it you want to take his drawings, and then add some of your own ideas to make them a bit more structurally sound when it comes time to build. No court outside of Mogadishu would convict you of being in the wrong for that. Just build the f'in porch.
Except I'm not getting a permit with those plans, and I doubt the op is either.

Minimal with code minimums is fine. But those plans will not pass plan review.
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