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Replaced a pair of 25 year old steel door set in wood jambs with real funky plexiglass side lites.

Ordered a 10' wide unit with surface mount panic hardware and continuous hinges. These are like giant piano hinges and the only way to fly on a commercial door that gets lots of use.

Had to do most of the work on a Saturday due to the little darlings running around. To add to the misery it started raining and the wind really pounded us.

Door unit & hardware was 7grand alone....


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Griz I agree with you on the laser I do a lot of commercial doors and like you said if your sidelight is not dead nuts your gonna fight it all the way. With that said I use a level on 3-0 doors with a sidelight but a 6-0 welded French door I'm using a level
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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