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Lifting an '03 Chevy 1500 Express

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Yea, I'd like to throw a 25/3500 diesel 4X4 chassis under it but it's not in the cards right now and another hunting season is coming up. Last year I cleaned off the spoiler on a drainage ditch and this year I added a hitch which takes off about 3" of ground clearance in the rear.

I'd like to do a 6" suspension lift and the web is doing nothing for me. Anybody know if the P/U parts are compatible with the van? Possible problems?
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I lifted my Jeep Cherokee 6". My insurance company required it to be an appoved lift kit and installed by a professional shop. Then I had to give them all the specs on the lift kit, proof of installation, and photos. They approved it ok.

If you do this yourself, then you are probably going to void your insurance, as your insurance company insured a stock vehicle, not the altered one. Best to check with them before going ahead.
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