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Hi all
I suppose first off, new to forum. Looking forward to hopefully gain some knowledge here in the future as there appears to be plenty of it available based on some browsing I did prior to signing up.

Be warned before I continue, I have a tendency to sometimes talk too much.

Alright, I am looking to start up a new handyman service. Now, according to georgia law (as best as I understand it currently) all that is required for said work is a business license, so long as the work is non-structural, non-electrical, non-plumbing, etc, and does not exceed $2500 value per job.

Initially, that won't be likely to be a problem, but if possible I don't want to be limited in the type of work I am able to acquire. For this reason, I would like to be able to get at least a residential-basic contractors license, class 1 electrical and journeyman plumbing. If a master/class 2, etc is ever needed for a particular job/permit, I have available contacts that I could have sign off.

As for experience....
-I worked for 2 1/2 years as a plumber for a licensed plumbing company in ga,
-5 some odd years (most recent) as an industrial maintenance tech in a manufacturing facility - everything from mechanical repairs, fabrication, high and low voltage, single and 3 phase electrical work, all the way to toilet repair and a little HVAC.
-Off the books side jobs for many years doing home repair/remodeling (all aspects), mobile auto mechanic, etc. And worked as a carpenter (real company, but my pay was likely off the books) for a few years in my teens
-Flip houses, currently on my 3rd one.
-Also currently pursuing an engineering degree (Mechatronics, basically electrical, mechanical, and programing all rolled into on)

My question is how likely it may be for me to be able to just jump right in to acquiring the licenses I desire, given my experience?

The caveat however, and the main reason I am posting this query, is that I am also a convicted felon. The charge is for something that happened when I was 16, though I didn't go to court till after I was 18. I served 7 years probation, which I finished, and was released from, a little over 2 years ago. I was charged and served probation as an adult.

The licensing requirements in Ga also seem to include a background check. Is anyone aware of how far back the check goes? Do they just check for convictions, and if any are found will I be able to defend myself to the licensing board, or will the simply flat out reject me? What convictions in particular are they looking for, as in are there some they ignore and others that are absolute taboo, etc?

There is a non-refundable fee for each license application, so I was hoping to be able to get some general best-guess type responses from you guys as to likelihood before I bothered to send in my applications. If it would likely be a waste of time/money to try to apply for any of these initially, than I will simply limit the scope of my work as needed for a while.

Thanks in advance for any insight or suggestions offered,
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