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License qualifier

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Hello, I'm new to this site; I have questions about California RMO/RME.
Yesterday License Guru gave me the lowdown on the rules, but I'm wondering if anyone out there has actual experience on this.
Have you qualified someone else's operation?
How has that worked out?
How do you protect yourself from the repercussions of someone else's mistakes and or wrongdoing?
How do you calculate the dollar value of your service?
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I'am seeking A or B1 license for my corp in San Diego california.

I've owned my own construction company for 35 yrs. and had A and C61 licence for Manufactured homes and underground.

Stoped working 10 yrs ago and let my license go. In process of starting back up in the next 3 mounts

Corp compensation For RMO will be a signing Fee, and sliding fee paid per contracts awarded. All related cost regarding RMO cost will be paid by corp
Rmo License will need to be inactive.

Mike809 e-mail [email protected]
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