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Liar..or moron?

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Friend of mine moved "outside" to washington last year. He was up this year to sell some stuff and close the house up for the winter (his daughter moved out of the homestead house) His plumber said it wasnt possible to drain the pipes in his house and turn off the well pump because his boiler was heating the water for the hydronic baseboards. I told my friend his plumber is full of crap and just didn't want to mess with the job. He originally installed the bolier and plumbing and didn't install the necessary isolation valves and arrange the plumbing for the purpose of winterizing the house.
My friend bought an alarm system to monitor the temp and power but I told him those fail sometimes and the risk of leaving his house empty and depending on his heat system with a well pump ready to pump thousands of gallons into his house was too great.
His plumber actually tried to tell him the well can't be turned off because the boiler needs water. the plumber a liar...or a moron?
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Mike is also correct that you can add a Inhibited Antifreeze. Make sure that it's not a normal anti freeze as some of these are not compatible with the new aluminum heat exchagers. They should protect you to about -5 to -6 or you can do a massive dose which will cover you to about -20.
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We like our friends despite their flaws.

Some times all you can do is speak your peace and then shut up.

He's an adult.
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propylene glycol will work of course but the manufacturers do not recommend its use. I do use it in traps and appliances for winterizing though.
Well..I guess I can wait till some tragedy occurrs and then I get to say "I TOLD YOU SO" :clap:
BC knows more than he lets on.

:whistling He's a smart fellow,Your friend should be able to winterize his place.

If he chooses not to :thumbup:call me--Three frozen houses last winter paid my bills during the dead part of winter:shifty:
I am not sure if I understand the issue. Turn off the power to the pump, drain the entire heating system down dry, turn off the power to the oil burner. No water in the system, so it cant freeze, no power to the boiler so it can't dire up.
frost heave

I heard turning off the heat for long periods of time in the winter in cold climates can damage a foundation.

you could be a helpful friend and just check in on the house once a week.:whistling
I heard turning off the heat for long periods of time in the winter in cold climates can damage a foundation.

This is just one of the issues when it come to leaving heat off the whole winter. I have seen foundations crack in half due to heat being applied to a cold floor that was left over winter. The home owner had underfloor heating and he returned for his winter vacation home and turned his heat upto max and the floor cracked all the way from the screed to the foundation. He was meant to turn it up very slowly to let the floor expand slowly but he didn't. It can also ruin floors and walls. The other problem is water left in the pipes. You may think that you cleared out the whole system but water over time will build in certain areas like drops and elbows and water will freeze and crack pipes. Your best letting the system run of the frost stat so that it keeps it above freezing and shut of the mains supply.
Well it's an option but I don't recommend it. Not to mention it's a fully furnished residence with all the electronics and niknaks one would expect in a residence. Allowing it to get 20 below inside probably isn't desirable.
you could be a helpful friend and just check in on the house once a week.:whistling

well I offered but he's too cheap to plow the drive way all winter. (1/4 mile long driveway)
It's his house:

Why is he asking what to do, since he has already made up his mind?
Let all hell break lose and then he can hire one of us to fix it. We need the work.
Think God we have experts.
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