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Liar..or moron?

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Friend of mine moved "outside" to washington last year. He was up this year to sell some stuff and close the house up for the winter (his daughter moved out of the homestead house) His plumber said it wasnt possible to drain the pipes in his house and turn off the well pump because his boiler was heating the water for the hydronic baseboards. I told my friend his plumber is full of crap and just didn't want to mess with the job. He originally installed the bolier and plumbing and didn't install the necessary isolation valves and arrange the plumbing for the purpose of winterizing the house.
My friend bought an alarm system to monitor the temp and power but I told him those fail sometimes and the risk of leaving his house empty and depending on his heat system with a well pump ready to pump thousands of gallons into his house was too great.
His plumber actually tried to tell him the well can't be turned off because the boiler needs water. the plumber a liar...or a moron?
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If the boiler fires dry it will ruin the boiler. It always needs make up water. If you are really worried about a burst pipe put in a WAGS system or the Watts leak detector system where if they detect a leak it will shut off the water supply.
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