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I am a newbie member and just became a member today even though I have been following the ContractorTalk for a long time.

I have a very frustrating problem with insurance companies right now and could really use some advice.

I am starting a building maintenance company in January, I have everything done on my checklist except for finding affordable insurance and designing a great website.

My problem is I am offering a variety of additional services and the insurers are giving me several different classifications, I have been classified as a cleaning company, carpenter, floor contractor etc. To make matters worse I am in the State of Illinois which is one of the most expensive W/C rates in the country.

I do not want insurance companies to tell me what services I can offer and can't offer and I hope this isn't the end result. I have two months to figure this out.

I want to service both residential and commercial customers and I want to offer the following services.

Light handyman services
Emergency board up services
Foreclosure clean outs
Parking lot striping
Commercial cleaning
Floor buffing & waxing
Power washing

I have also heard that some (not many) insurance companies offer "Pay as you go" which is what I would like to do if possible. It's my understanding that pay as you go insurance is based off of your payroll, you do payroll then calculate out the premium percentage, log on to the insurance site and pay every week of two.

If anyone has any recommendations I'd sure love to hear it.

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Find an agent, mine shopped the different companies for me and found me the best rates. For WC we joined the HBA and got a plan through them, its pay as you go (monthly) and is based off of what we do and for how much time.
Broken down like this each month :
Bld. Maint.
I fill in the boxes to the right of each of these online and pay whatever the total is.
General Liability runs me about $1800 a year for $1M in coverage, kind of pointless for you because only your agent will be able tell you what it will run you. This has been discussed many times, do a search and you will have reading material for the next hour at least.
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