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Liability insurance rates?

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How much are you paying for ins? I just got a quote of $4300, no workers, just me.... Seems hi to me
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3500 year 2 million general aggregate, pollution liability, 3 employees total these guys base it on the size of payroll, or so I'm told.
States are gonna vary I think.
I just got a quote from Farmers for 1600 a year and 1200 a year from another one. 1mil and cover 32k of my machine. The farmers one was 2mil total 1mil per occurrence. They all seem to use colonel pen or something.
Where are you working? What is your target market?
$750 for my last policy for 2 mill in coverage my state requires min of 500,000 to bid work. So $4300 sounds nuts unless your doing something crazy dangerous. The insurance companies around here categorize flat work guys along with masons. My argument is that Im never more than 6 inches off the ground and yet here I am 23 years later and that has never changed. This will be the next place for insurance companies to rape small businesses
You never know when you need it has anyone here had to use there insurance?
My shop insurance is about $1600 on the road ads about $800. I think that is a fifty mile radius. Check how far away you go and if it covers you over state lines.
turned away by 2 insurance companies to start db500 sand blasting services.I had a bankruptsy.any one have any company names i might try.should i focus on just cars or equipment in my state NEW HAMPSHIRE instead of trying to do what ever comes up.brick homes and siding?Please help.Thanks
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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