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Yea its getting to be a real pain, they keep going up and up and then they tell you they are not going to service us any longer as they have moved onto bigger fish.

If you happen to fall into the small shop stuff, they can really kill you. I have to feel bad for the real little guys one man bands, boy is it tough for them even to find a carrier.


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one man band hvac company

Grumpy said:
That's crazy! What possible liability can a HVAC contractor have? Imagine the insurance for us roofers, especially the roofers that use open flames or hot asphalt. Even the small 1 crew roofing companies can spend 20k a year on liability alone.
What liability how about gas leaks or fixing a furnace and not seeing a co leak and killing people.Thaw some pipes and start a fire,ect.
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