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Excuse my delayed indulgence into the world of ABC's "Lost." Gratitude to Netflix carrying every episode ever made, as I wind my way through the first season at a snail's pace. If this show is unfamiliar, it can be summarized in one cliché situation and one ultimate truth about humanity:

  1. A diverse group of strangers are stranded on an island after their plane crashed.
  2. They must find a way to work together to survive.

Some survivors play well with others; some never learned how to share toys in the sandbox. Care to guess who survives? Without coexistence between the castaways chances of survival are none to even less. An effective social media marketing campaign faces the same ultimate truth. Your contracting/home improvement/design business is probably not staring down a rabid polar bear with nothing more than a rock tied to a stick. However without collaboration with surrounding companies a social media mix stands the same chance of survival.

Online relationships are paramount to getting off the social media island where your brand and messages are completely lost on their audience. Consistent interaction with other accounts, formal and informal partnerships, and cross promotions will bring you to potential customers and an eager audience. The first step is identifying businesses that are not in competition with your own, and reaching out for first contact. If they know what is good for them they will respond (and usually they do.)

Many think that social media is less "Lost" and more "Field of Dreams." If you post it, they will come. This could not be further from the truth. The necessity for collaboration cannot be overstated. Over the next few weeks the following pieces will detail how and why survival will not be attained solo:

  1. Identify and Introduce (who you should and will be working with)
  2. Interaction that Cultivates Online Relationships
  3. Formal and Informal Partnerships
  4. Cross Promotions

These steps will make your accounts infinitely more dynamic, appealing, and of course FOLLOWED. Disregard these sage words? Your social accounts and viral presence will be stranded on an island alone with little chance of prosperity.
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