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Legal Part Time Employees

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So I picked up a few jobs with in the last few days. Another small bath reno, nothing drastic, a living room trim out, a re trim with all new interior doors in the common areas and lastly a guy bought a home with a unfinished room addition, wants me to finish it off. All the exterior work is done and complete, but there is no insulation or dryall and what not....

ANYWHO....I got to thinking I would like to bring on an employee legally and want to know what it takes to do so? How much mark-up is on an employee to cover my legal costs, taxes and insurance? I have a guy that is a cop who used to be in the trades prior to becoming a cop at 30. He is pretty good at what he does and I could use him here and there. He schedule of 4 days on and 4 days off often leaves me with windows where he could be very useful to me.

I guess I have to call my insurance agent tommorrow and talk to him, but is there any heads up you guys can give me? This is all uncharted waters for me.

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I use a leasing company for my helper. Seems to work out good for me. I call in hours once a week, they mail out an invoice and do an electronic debit from my checking. They will also do certified payroll reports, and accept applications and interview potential employees.
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