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Need to install a 2x6 ledger board along the bottom of the foundation. I will have to cut out a portion of the siding. The house has fiber-cement siding, so complete removal will be difficult.

What is the best way to cut the bottom portion of the siding so I can add the Z-flashing? I would like to use vinyl flashing so I can just slide it up under the siding and nail it in place, but I can't find that anywhere. It's looking like I will have to use galvanized flashing. Can the siding be "pried back" far enough to install flashing without damaging it?

Freestanding is not an option as the deck will be almost ground level and I can't cantilever the joists without attaching to the house. Beams are also running parallel to the house.

Picture and diagram attached:


Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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