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Customer called me this morning, he has a leak in the slab on the supply line to the kitchen sink. Since we just remodeled his kitchen last year, his wife won't let him/us remove backsplash/counter/cabinets. So he asked me for advise on how his plumber can run new lines to the kitchen. He's thinking of pulling the brick work off the exterior of that wall since the bricks have some cracks in them anyway. Likely from the same foundation shifting that caused the problem with the plumbing.
He wonders if removing the brick and sheathing may be less work than pulling the lower cabinets/counter/tile backsplash.
It's a two story house with bricks below and masonite sheet siding above. Plumbing is currently run through the slab.

I'm going out to look at the situation on Tuesday afternoon.

Any advise?
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