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Lead paint requirements for Remodelers in 2010

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Not sure if is a federal requirement, but here in Michigan we have a new requirement coming up regarding Lead paint disruption during remodeling.

I've heard so many rumors and dis-information regarding practical application of this new law that I was wondering if anyone else is expecting a big impact on our business?? We have been under no special inspections unless it is specifically an abatement job but that is scheduled to change in April 2010.

I got epa certified for Lead Paint abatement, and I understand the procedures requried to do it properly. I'm just wondering how everyone else is preparing or intends to implement this zero tolerance epa policy?

How is your state going to implement/Inspect? Will each of our jobs have to be inspected by the epa or will the building safety (building inspectors) just assume this role?

Michigan is set to have their policy in writing by Jan 1, 2010, but April 2010 compliance is right around the corner and I'm curious about the rest of the country.
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