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Layered Drywall Kids Room Remodel - Video

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I just finished up a project on the boys' room ;)

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Good job:thumbsup:
Cool, and good to see you got the kids involved... a dad and his kids... :thumbsup:
Wow. Must be nice to have time for a project like that.

Nice job.:thumbsup:
Good stuff Corey! :clap:
Very nice indeed!
Love to see the kids getting involved , that's how it all starts :thumbsup:
Nice project with some cool effects.
awesome job!:thumbup:
Looks great. You can come to my house next :)
What did you use to finish the raw edge of the rock? I didn't notice archway tearaway or anything on there did you just caulk it and it came out good?
very nice. weve been doing similar project at some furniture stores here for their kids room. we use fast mask on the layers edge to keep the radius lines sharp.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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