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Quick backstory.

Old guy in the neighborhood sees my truck, needs help with roof repair and drain clog and...etc. Feels terrible (tears) he can't pay even after I tell him to not sweat it. I ask if he has something to barter.....hoping for a vase or something.

He drags me out to the garage and insists I take his lathe. He no longer uses it, and I've always wanted to play around with turning I accept.

Will this thing turn a bowl? What chuck do I need? Is this a total waste of time?


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Don't expect much from that lathe.......

Small bowls, ...small spindle work and pens.....nothing large...

Use your gouge to remove the material,,,,,

looks like you used a scraper on that......
Your lathe tools need to be very very sharp....otherwise....the results will be poor.

It's something to learn on......

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