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Laser recommendation for t-bar?

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Anyone here recommend some lasers for t-bar work?
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There are a few good ones I've used. Depends on how much you want to spend. I have a topcon that I really like with the wall angle mount. I have also used a hilti, pls, and some others. I got a good deal on my topcon and then had it gone over and caliberated.

One really nice feature is the self leveling. I used to have a topcon manual level laser and if the light wasn't good I would have a hard time leveling it, and it's not fun hopping down off your stilts to get a flashlight. I have also used some with remotes which is nice in certain situations but not a neccesity like the self leveling. Mine also will shoot out of level, I have done a couple of ceilings that were on angles and using a laser rather than string line is really nice for that.

Just make sure that whatever you get you take care off and make extra sure that your first peice of wall angle is securly fastened so when your nailing the rest on the wall the laser doesn't vibrate off and drop.
Thanks for the info. I'm looking in particular for a laser unit I can use for ceil tile grids (t-bar) and use for tiling.
Pretty much any rotary laser with a wall mount will work for ceiling grid. You are going to need one that will rotate laying on it's side for tile(if you mean ceramic tile). They are usually a little more expensive. My topcon will do this and is a nice feature. I use it to lay out walls and laminate flooring and many other things. For ceramic tile I actually use a workforce laser made for ceramic tile. Was in home depot one day and they had them on clearance for around 10 bucks so I figured I would give it a try. It shoots 2 laser beams at 90 degrees and has different adjustments to sit just above the tile. Works pretty good for 10 bucks.

This is the rotary laser I have
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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