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laser level school

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Ok, I have seen everyone use these little guys but I have very limited experience with them myself. I have used a little laser chalk line to help align bathroom partitions and i used a laser plumb bob to help me locate the pivot point for a floor door closer that I set. That being said, I feel the need to buy a nice cross line level but i am not sure how i will really use it. What do you use yours for and how has it helped you make more $, compared to the old ways.

BTW, most of my work is commercial door and frame installation, with some bathroom partitions thrown when I cant get out of it.

Also, What are the best units for the price?
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You will find countless uses for it. I did. Get a camera tripod for it as well. It increases it's usefulness ten fold.
I agree with above. PLS 180 is a great unit. You'll use it more often than you think.
I think they were invented for hanging doors.Well maybe not .But a cross line and a used Manfrotto camera tripod that will extend up to 7'.Set the hinge side and head at the same time.There are a lot of good used tripods on Ebay. Photo Buffs are always upgrading there equipment
I find the camera tripods awkward, the fastcap 3rd hands are alot better to use.
I have used the Dewalt, Bosch, Ryobi, Porter Cable, and CMT lasers. I use one of them almost every day. Most can be had for around $100 or so on Ebay. The 5 beam ones are nice for squaring up walls for layout. I also like to use the plumb laser for bracing interior walls. Turns it into a one man operation. Set laser on bottom plate, push or pull wall till dot hits plate edge, nail brace.
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If I have a cieling I use one. Tripod with a small mount Adjustments are pinpoint.
I find the camera tripods awkward, the fastcap 3rd hands are alot better to use.
My laser died. Don't have the need for one as much as I used to. I've been doing without for a while now. Watching for a deal on one one craigslist.

Used a PLS for years...........I highly recommend them.
I agree, I bought a tripod but it didn't go high enough, the extension pole and magnetic holder is great. Failing that screw it to the wall.
I find the camera tripods awkward, the fastcap 3rd hands are alot better to use.
Amazon is having a sale on the dw088k. Had to pick one up for $126. Have a ton of casework coming up. I used the dw087k on a cabinet job and is a good laser.

Last summer actually same job. I laid out all the unistrut for these huge heavy wood fins for a finished ceiling. I used a bosch dot laser and a spectra line level for layout. I had to got around a 7' tall half wall to establish layout. Those two lasers alone eliminated the need for a helper. Had duct work and conduit in the way. The line level went around everything.
Lasers are IMO at the top of tools that once you buy one you never knew how you did without one . Tripod is a must .
Unless you want the top of the line tripod. A basic sunpak 5800dx tripod works great.
fastcap 3rd hand or their laserjamb will be more help than a tripod.

that said i have both in the truck, but use the thirdhand more.

check youtube for video's, specialy using the laserline as an RL [reference line] and a foldout rule as a staff to check levels of flooring, etc.

uses are countless. just remember which side of the laserline you are working to, and you cant go wrong, unless you drop it out of calibration :sad:
My laser died on me so I could use some recommendations. One thing I am looking for is one that can find a point below it and shoot a line up to the ceiling, whatever that's called.
How well does that laser jamb work with grid ceiling or ceilings over 12'? :whistling Pretty expensive for being limited.
the thirdhand extends well beyond that with the extension kit they have.

but you wouldnt, you'd hang it on a wallmount, that has the bracket that attaches to the walltrack you start from.
How well does that laser jamb work with grid ceiling or ceilings over 12'? :whistling Pretty expensive for being limited.

That is the laser we have. It has the plumb feature like you are talking about but rather than just a dot it's actually got lines going 3 directions. It's great for leveling, referencing, layout, and whatever else you can come up with it to work for.

Once you have it, you use it for things and it speeds up your work immensely.

It has an adjustable base to dial the height in perfectly. I personally don't use a tripod, it takes up too much floor space on the small jobs. I just use a spring pole up to the ceiling and put it on that or stack items to the appropriate height if it's just something quick and easy since it has the base that can raise it up and down.
I have the hvl100 and looks
Pls 5. Both by pls, both awesome

I have this one- Hilti PMC46. It's a tad pricey, but what's the point in a laser that you can't trust? I use mine for plumbing walls, suspended ceiling grids, etc. I find it especially handy for steel stud framing or any interior wall framing. it shines a line on the floor, along the wall and across the ceiling in one shot. As a one-man-band I find it to be a cheap hired man. beats chalking lines by yourself. I have used it to lay out complicated diagonal ceiling grids by measuring and chalking it out on the floor, then projecting it up to the ceiling. There are times that I've used it to measure a distance on a high ceiling by plumbing a dot to the floor on each end and measuring it on the floor rather than crawling up a ladder/scaffold and measuring it in some awkward spot.
I have a hilti and a bosch.
pls are junk, they have no pendulum lock and bang around.
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