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OK, after a few tries at steaming Ipe I realize it will not bend as much as I need it to. Next I will try to laminate the shapes I need.

I have read many negative things when it comes to gluing Ipe. I just can't see blocking these treads. The curves above are made with Azek and they are long clean curves with very little joints. If nothing else I may learn a few things while trying.

The finish treads will be about 12.75" made up of three 4.125" strips formed to about a forteen foot radius. (laminated from 1/2" strips) To help compensate for the poor gluing characteristics of Ipe I plan to install ss threaded rods and nuts about every foot. I will then bung the ends to hide the mechanical fastening. At leas this way, if a glue joint fails the treads will still hold thier shape.

So my two qestions are:
1) what type of glue/ epoxy would you try?

2) does this have any chance of success?

I did make a sample piece in my shop using a urithane adhesive and I did like the way it looked but several of the joints did not take that well.
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