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laminate steps

I've installed laminate flooring many times on steps with no problem. 1st thing to do is take an angle grinder & grind the paint off and cut off any extra clumps of concrete . Don't worry about the paint in the corners that you can't reach.If the steps are humped , use a rapid setting leveler like Mapai tri-patch or ultra skimcoat to level them.
If the flooring comes with the padding , remove it. You should have stairnose to match the flooring , cut it carefully , its expensive. Only use the Liquid nails with the blue label , it will glue wood to concrete , others won't.
Use 2" blue painter tape to hold everything & bring losts of wieght . Allow at least 48hrs for the glue to dry.Only use a little mineral spirits to clean excess glue .Use as much glue as you can without making a mess.

You can look at pictures of my steps at
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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