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You know, i install laminate from about 4 or 5 different manufacturers usually, and i noticed on the warranty info page and there isnt much there compared to what the customers expect...

I mean they will warranty it from fading, manufacturing defects and wear-through, but i have had several of my clients trying to make a warranty claim for something they believe should be warrantied.

When a customer hears 25 year warranty they act like if ANYTHING is wrong w/ the flooring they will get replacements for free...or at least they seem to think that way.

For example, i had this one lady drag a fridge on metal legs through 2 of her rooms....i dont know why...needless to say the laminate is scratched up and she tried to make a claim, wasted $150 on the inspector and got told "sorry not our fault"

Another one was a guy whos kid took some kind of permanent markers and drew all over the laminate, and normal markers dont usualy stain the flooring but this one did, i have no clue what it was.

And yet another customer managed to rip off the top layer of her laminate floors in the middle of the room....while the flooring was all installed and is that possible? I have no clue.

Anyone had similar experiences?
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