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How would you respond?

I was contacted by a consumer who lives near Sacramento, California, with the following (summarized) inquiry:

"I have a couple of quick questions about the Harmonics [laminate] flooring ... the main room it will be in is heated with a wood stove and I am concerned about the 50% humidity instructions. Have you had any experience with that as a problem? I know that the wood stove heat drys out everything in the house..."

I replied with the following:

"Trouble will arise if your home's temperature and humidity covers a broad range throughout the year. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines as close as possible. If you are likely to experience a great deal of humidity followed by extreme drying, you will likely find your floor reacting adversely. The best way to avoid trouble is to acclimate as instructed before installation, leave PLENTY of expansion space, and use T-moldings at the doorways to allow rooms to shrink/ grow seperately."

What do you all think? How would you have replied?

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I don't do laminates but why the worry over shrinkage with laminate? Thought this was a non-issue?

No, it will shrink. End gaps, and pulling out from under trim, as it contracts.

They need a humidifier going in the winters, or keep pots of water boiling on the stove, like granny use to do.
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