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Lamello Zeta P2 Biscuit Joiner

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Anyone have one?
What do you use it for?
Are you happy with it?
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That is cool.

One hand no need to clamp while the glue sets. The other hand you have a hole. If there was a way to utilize that without the hole I think I would be more interested in it for me.
I see this as an option for K/D stuff.
I see that as an option for euro cabs, which I am guessing why you looked at it Gus?

Festool needs to make some similar jig for the domino, since I have one I don't use much.
It just looks like a tool that you could find some uses for if you had it.
The obvious one for us would be clamping miters and the frame to finished end connection on angled cabinets.
It's always awkward clamping odd angled miters together. This machine seems to have an answer to that.
Would be nice if we could play with one for a week before we invested in it though.
Great questions and input here about Lamello Zeta and Clamex P connectors. I am the Lamello product manager for Colonial Saw Co. / Lamello USA. I want to let you know about a new product for use with the Zeta P system, it is "Tenso" P-14, Tenso joining system works similar to Clamex P in that they are fast and slide into the same slot made by Zeta biscuit joiner. Tenso is a glueing aid that allows you to clamp glued edges without typical mechanical clamps, Tenso draw parts together tightly and holds your parts together while glue cures. Tenso is very fast and easy to use. There is no need to come back and unclamp anything, Tenso stays inside the wood unseen. Tenso allows for more space in the shop to utilized. Assembled items can go out the door sooner. . And... Tenso glueing connectors do NOT require the 6 mm hole that was mentioned here about Clamex-P connectors. Tenso is totally invisible after installation. More about Tenso at the web link below...

Gus mentioned that it would be nice to play with a Zeta for a week before investing in one. We actually have a program for that.. We will loan you a Zeta to use, you simply need purchase the P system connectors you will use for your trial, and there is no cost to use the Zeta for a week or two. If you like what it does, you can order yourself a Zeta, if it does not work for your application, simply return it. For more information please contact me... Karl Frey (800) 2Lamello or (800) 252-6355 ext. 1.
I like it , I've had a Lamello biscuit joiner for about 20 years now .It's a well oiled machine and you get what you pay for . This is a game changer in my opinion . Not needing to use clamps especially on odd angles makes for quick work . What's it going for ?
I think it's about $1600
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Here is the "no hole" thing from the same company. Played with one at a trade show and it was mind blowing. Super strong and 100% invisible. They get you on the consumables though. Same with the Zeta. But since each fastener can save you more $ in labor than the few bucks each fastener costs, I think they are worth it. I don't own any of their stuff yet but will at some point. They guy next to me just got the basic lamello joiner (not zeta) and it is so well made you cannot believe it. Even the wooden box it comes in is awesome. Makes Festool look like something you get from the Big Box.
If there was a way to utilize that without the hole I think I would be more interested in it for me.
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This stuff is just great. I love that I will never know it all in this industry. There will always be something out there that will blow my mind. Even if it may not be useful to me, I like seeing what kind of awesome tools and systems there are to do all kinds of things.
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