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I got the cordless Bosch oscillating saw.... came with an L-Boxx, what a joke. It's such a huge box to hold such a small tool. Talk about wasted space. Any one want to buy the L-Boxx?
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and if were small you'd be complaining what a POS, no room for accessories... :rolleyes:
How would it integrate into a stacking box system if they were different sizes?
No idea. I could see it working if more then just the oscillating tool fit in there. Maybe make one LBoxx fit the charger, impact and drill plus bits. The next LBoxx hold oscillating tool, grinder, assorted attachments and batteries....etc etc. But just the oscillating tool in one LBoxx is a joke
I think its pretty clear...the Lboxx with Just an osc tool in is a waste of space, add more tools inside this wasted space and its a bit less wasted. I think your just butt hurt.
I know that you think it was pretty clear, but you have all the information. The way you said it didn't explain the situation. Look at what the first response from Eric was...he told you all that he out in his.

I can only now guess that you are referencing the insert. You just didn't make sense.

Here's a thought, instead of whining about it and making lame butt hurt statements that make no sense, spend the $15 and get a foam insert. It's not rocket science.

1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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