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kooteny carpenters

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I am considering moving to the kooteny's some day. having only worked in vancouver though i am wondering how hard it is to find steady work with good pay for a ticketed carpenter. i have experience in forming, framing and finishing. i am also wondering how bad it was last winter during the recession. out here i was able to find work when things slowed down. i am getting tired of going broke just to pay the mortgage on a two bedroom condo. it would be nice to have a house for my family. if anyone can tell me what its like in the kooteny region that would be great. thanks.
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If you're good, come to Toronto, more work here than you can handle. Way too many hacks here.
It can be a long search finding a good job and good pay around here.

New construction practically stopped here last fall.
i didn't expect replies so fast. thanks. it probably won't be for at least a year or so. i'm expecting i would be commuting a lot to different areas. i'm also wondering about what the unions are like. i've never worked for one here.
castlegar is one of the areas we are considering due to its central location. i know questions about pay can be kind of taboo but i'm going to ask anyway. what is the going rate(hourly) for a journeymen? out here 30$ an hour is pretty standard. i only ask because it would determine the price of the house we would choose.
There is definitely some commuting to other areas, currently I am driving an hour each way to a job out past Nelson on the North Shore. Working in Salmo, Fruitvale, Trail, Slocan Valley etc. is not uncommon at all, I've done many jobs in all those places.

I don't know anything about the union. Never joined, don't plan to. Never been on a union job.

Can't really say for sure about the wage, but 27-30 is probably a pretty safe bet.
I'm sure some places are more and some are less.
you said new construction died during the fall but what about renos and other small jobs. i have stayed busy during slow times by doing smaller jobs on my own. i guess i'm just a little paranoid about leaving the bubble because its been good to me but after looking at the price of houses outside of the lower mainland i sometimes ask myself wtf i am doing here? i just hear all these stories about work drying up in the smaller towns.
Renos and smaller jobs are going ok, I've kept busy all year.

With the sawmill that shut down, and people's EI running out, there are a lot more 'contractors' out there tho.
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