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hdavis said:
You just got through saying tight to the wall wasn't required. In other words, your way isn't the only way. Sweating is pretty much accepted here - there isn't usually a customer driven requirement. For the one case where the person carpeted their bath, it had to be insulated.

As for cistern vs tank, Kohler makes tanks, except for peculiar ones like their wall mount lavatory cisterns.
So your ok with water sitting from sweating. That wouldn't happen on my jobs. I would at least install a mixing valve and sort that issue out so that there were no puddles of water. Had to do it in England on a lot of bathrooms because of the high humidity and no AC on Homes. Its not hard to do and solves the issue for good.

Never had to do it over here but as I said before I'm sure it still happens on some places.

Also just because kohler call it a tank that don't mean that's its name. Did they invent the cistern then decide to change the name? No so its still called by its original name right here in my world.

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Bless your heart hon, you clearly haven't adapted well to your new environment. :no: Here's some tips to help you to adjust.

Our cisterns are rainwater collectors. Not toilet tanks.

Just because we talk slow with an accent doesn't make us dumb. Just because you talk fast with an accent doesn't make you as smart as Sherlock Holmes.

We drink our tea cold and sweet. Not hot with lemon.

We traipse off to the powder room. Not bugger off to the loo.

It's a fridge. Not an icebox.

Chips are crisp thin potato slices fried. Not soggy thicker french fries.

We stand in line. Not on line.

It's cold this morning, so I'll put on a sweater. Not a jumper.

The storage compartment in a car is a trunk. Not boot.

Hood. not bonnet.

Uh-LOOM-uh-num. Not al-U-mehn-e-uhm.

People fight at hockey games. Not brawl at football (soccer) games.

Football is a game of great hulking men tussling about quite physically over a small ellipse leather ball that occasionally makes it all the way from one end of the field to the other. Soccer is a game of mid sized guys with useless arms running from one end of a field to the other without ever seeming to place a head sized round ball into a net.

When we want to snark to someone, we use "hon", not "love".

It's "humorless". Not "humourless"

When someone is stubborn, intransigent, and inflexible, we call them mule-headed. Not bloody-minded.

I believe :censored: is common in usage to both languages as a pejorative term. ;)

Hope that bit of cultural sensitivity training is helpful in your interactions with the natives! :laughing:
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