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Honestly had no idea what I had in my hands. I coach a high school baseball team with another guy and he asked if I would take a look at this thing. He said it was a foot rest. Dunno, but it was damn heavy. Really damn heavy. At the least it was solid brass everywhere.

This piece of wood was junk. Cracked in 3 places, 2 knots...I start looking at just plain ol' gluing the crack together shaking my head thinking it's just about useless. Had a dovetail spline on the ends that was iffy....really this thing needed a new piece, but I went with it.

Glue came out fine, then I started looking at it. Some nut case used a grinder to sand it. The stain job was putrid. There was a small bondo patch on the back. I'm still thinking to myself that it is a stand alone piece, not knowing what it went to. So I stripped it pretty good, stained it and put the lacquer to it and it looked so much better.

Hand it to the guy and he's ****ting himself "dude....this is fricken awesome" So he explains further what it was. It's a foot rest for an antique barber chair called Koch.

He said it was worth 7 grand :laughing: Dunno about that, but these chairs are pretty cool looking. I need to go over and see it.

I don't have any pictures of his chair but this is the identical footrest, so I'm thinking it's this chair. They aren't cheap for sure.

Courtesy of ebay. Not my picture. Just thought it was a cool piece of equipment.

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